Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions. The official website of Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages. Know more about our products, how to order, delivery coverage and charges.

FAQs 1: Where is Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages location? – Arteasan Hancrafted has two branches in Dumaguete City: The main branch is strategically located at #77 San Juan Street, Dumaguete City (Near Landbank, behind Union Bank). Arteasan Branch II, on the other hand, is located in Libertad Corner Locsin Street, Dumaguete City (near Dumaguete City Police Station) – on the second floor of 28th Square RTW boutique.

FAQs 2: Do you deliver? How much is the delivery fee? – Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages only delivers to areas within the vicinity of the branches or within Dumaguete City downtown area. However, in cases of bulk orders (at least Php500.oo worth), free delivery may be done to specific locations within Dumaguete City.

FAQs 3: How long does it take for products on delivery to arrive? – For the main products – beverages, snacks, and sweet treats – delivery time is within 15minutes – 30 minutes from placing the order or call. Other sweet treats like canned cakes, cream cakes, flans, and the like, are usually on the pre-order basis of at least one day since the products are perishable and required proper chilling process.