How Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages come to existence:

Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages logo and primary beverages for blog post.
The business is named Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages by the owner, Ms. Razel Bael Garupa, for the customers to have an immediate idea about the specialty and the services the establishment has to offer.
She established the business with the help of her brother-in-law, who is specializing in employee training for food and beverage preparation.
Ms. Razel graduated BS accounting and have dream of owning and managing her own business. After acquiring her special training in Manila for food and beverage preparation and handling, she realized her dream of establishing a business emphasizing her appreciation of art incorporated together to create a good ambiance thus, the name Arteasan
combining “Art” and “Tea”.
         With an initial capital of Php250,000.oo, Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages was established. It is a business engaged in preparing food and beverages for customers. The business belongs to the food production industry, considered as one of the biggest industries in the country. Ms. Razel Bael Garupa did all the planning for the business establishment—from establishing the name of the business; choosing the food and beverages to offer, and the ingredients to use; planning the technical layout; and choosing the equipment and furniture. 
Currently, Arteasan has 5 employees, 3 in the main branch, 2 in the 2nd branch. All were trained to prepare and serve their products. The employees are considered to be “all around”, which means that they can perform other duties, such as being the cashier or barista, as well as serve and wait for orders when the situation calls for them to do so. According to the owner/manager, it is not necessary for an employee to be a college graduate in order to be hired, as long as he is a high school graduate and is able to take instructions well and can communicate properly. The owner herself trains her employees based on the training she acquired for food handling and food preparation. 

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