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Know more about Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages:

It is an enterprise engaged in the preparation of food and beverages.
Owned and managed by Ms. Razel Bael Garupa, the business provides food and specially crafted beverages to customers with its 4-employee crew, on duty 6 days a week with 8-hour shift.
Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages expresses its passion through the beverages and sweet products to address the customers cravings and sensory satisfaction. The establishment is very optimistic in ensuring its customers with efficiency in product handling and detail-oriented mixtures to ensure the right blend of spirits in its beverages. The warm and social accommodation to every customer transaction helps its customers choose their best options according to their preferences. 

Gastronomy is not the only aspect depicted in the establishment. Art media are given high acknowledgement and appreciation in the cafe and the management welcomes local and visiting artists to showcase their creativity and passion by displaying their creation upon request. In fact, the opening of the Arteasan branch II was depicted and made unique through a “walk-in gallery cafe” concept. Artistry of local talents was made known through their displayed artworks and painting in the wall which also served as a decorative piece in the cafe. Arteasan Handcrafted Beverages not only nurtures the stomach, it as well pleasures the eyes and promoted for artful impression and expression.

Aesthetically, the owner/manager did all the planning—from establishing the name of the business, choosing the food and beverages to offer, as well as the ingredients to use. She also ensures of the technical and physical layout and choosing the equipment and furniture of the establishment. Thus, able to provide for the utmost comfort for the customers.