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The popularity of beverages with all sorts of concoctions like Fruit-flavored or milk-added tea, whipped beverages, flavored coffee, and the likes paved to the existence and visibility of start-up corner stores and homie cafes. Much so in Dumaguete City, having been tagged as the retirement destination of foreigners, where coffee, tea and specialized beverages are a daily staple and a basic take-away.

Arteasan handcrafted Beverages, once a humble corner store, has grown to be a fine place for chill, hang-out, and even for study. What used to be silent is now attracting with its brilliance. With its growth, along with the economic progress of the city, we cannot always stay a puny. Thus, what used to be just a mere blank canvas, has now painted with actual relevance. You can now order your favorite Arteasan Products from the comfort of your homes, offices, or anywhere you are because we are already providing you with the ease of access. Just click/tap your desired product then add to cart and you’ll be surprise of how it would turn out.